Property Care & Power Washing

Property Care

Power Washing and weed killing Patios and Drives

Does your patio or driveway look like they need a good clean?

Easigardening has the latest patio cleaning techniques and will endeavour to bring even the dirtiest patios or driveways back to life

Easigardening will provide an expert maintenance and cleaning service for all types of hard landscapes both for domestic and commercial customers across the SS Postcode in Essex

We have the latest in high pressure equipment and our team provides an excellent quality professional cleaning service for most paved and brick services including driveways, block paving, patio’s, pathways and car parks



Power Washing

 Try our high pressure water cleaning for your decking area and be surprised how quickly and cheaply we can bring it back to life. Our objective is to get your property looking as good as possible, as quickly as possible and as cheaply as possible.  We maintain the safety of the property by cleaning slippery surfaces and removing harmful spills and stains and where possible we will work with high pressure water and steam and therefore leave your property safe for both people and pets We will automatically remove harmful weeds which if left to grow may harm infrastructure, de-grade buildings and create security issues by obscuring views We will do a “once off” clean and clear or we will arrange a regular programmed visit to help prevent the re-occurrence of these problems for both domestic and commercial property

Driveway and Patio Cleaning

See how quickly and effectively we can bring your driveway and Paths, back to new!


When we power wash the hard surface we will also make sure we remove any weeds that may be growing in the hard surface