Oven Cleaning & Domestic Appliances

Oven Cleaning

Does your kitchen fill up with smoke every time you switch on the oven?

If not yet! It will if you do not clean your oven regularly

Our oven cleaning methods are efficient and industry tested and we will use fume free, safe and non-caustic detergents whenever possible as your health, and ours, is of utmost importance.

1. Upon arrival we will perform an inspection of your oven and will talk you through the process
2. If you require any additional appliances to be taken care of, such as the hob or the extractor hood, now is the time to ask
3. We will protect the surrounding areas

4.The oven chamber will be sprayed with a fume free degreaser if appropriate but some ovens with heavily baked on grease may require stronger chemicals
5. Burnt on food and grease will be carefully removed
6. The appliance will then be wiped clean and polished both inside and out before the trays are put back in
7. The area around will be cleaned and polished and the appliance tested to make sure it works correctly
While we are waiting for any chemicals to take effect we will gladly do this so we don’t waste any time and more importantly, we don’t waste your money